An advanced Automatic “sleeve dedicated” Flexographic plate mounting system.

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  • Eliminates wastes typically associated with manual operations, reducing operators stress
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Raise the level of standardization in the mounting department, shift after shift, reducing the risk of waste and claims
  • Even and predictable mounting times for optimal cost control
  • Camis Reliability and Repeatability included
  • Flexo Industry 4.0 data acquisition system provides rapid job changes

Print width

  • From 900 to 2000
  • Other measures on request

Print development

  • From 300 to 1300
  • Other measures on request

Mmrm vision software

Automatic detection of mounting references and advanced reporting functions.

“Double decker” hd camera system

Two independent “Double Decker” camera groups, equipped with high-magnification lenses and dedicated LED lighting, with automatic focus. Views, checks, verifies and records all mounting jobs.

“Anti curl” system

Allows used, curled plates to be mounted with high accuracy by eliminating the plate deformations due to age and stretch, increasing the possibility of automatic application of all but the worst plates.

"Hands free" plate registration

Two Automated plate manipulation systems positions both single and multiple plates without table movement or operator involvement.

Automatic plate application

It ensures a constant application pressure, guarantees a safe bond with the absence of distortions or air bubbles, for maximum standardization.


The automation system, managed via an easy to use touchscreen interface, guarantees the automatic positioning of all machine components for the highest precision.

Industry 4.0 ready

The machine software is designed for connection with company information systems and can be integrated into Industry 4.0.

Active skew control

Aligns & controls the plate during plate application.

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