Decades of experience in the rotogravure and flexographic printing

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Our production of rotogravure machines is now concentrated on narrow and medium web machines for packaging and label printing, coating and varnishing; which are flanked by special “one-off” projects and retrofit or reconditioning projects for pre-existing machines.

For over twenty years our staff has been dedicated with increasing success in development of flexographic plate mounting solutions. This commitment has generated a complete range of flexographic plate mounters, capable of satisfying the needs of the flexo printers.

Every aspect of the flexographic plate mounting process has been taken into consideration, with the aim of increasing mounting accuracy and repeatability, thereby increasing the quality and profitability of flexographic printing.

Our catalog offers solutions for mounting flexographic printing plates dedicated to flexographic printing in narrow, medium and wide webs; typically used in the field of flexographic printing of labels, packaging on plastic film and folding carton.

There are also solutions for applying the mounting double-sided adhesive and for the removal of flexographic plates and mounting double-sided adhesive.

Our Products

Since several years our production was enlarged to flexographic plate mounter, with various model to satisfy every neeeds.