Solid flexographic plate mounting system for traditional steel cylinders and removable sleeves with manual positioning of cameras and cylinder / mandrel.

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  • Extremely easy to use, install, maintain
  • Flexibility, the same machine can manage cylinders and sleeves
  • Increases the level of standardization in the plate mounting department, shift after shift, reducing mounting times and risks of press stops due to plate mounting issues
  • Reduced and predictable mounting times for optimal cost control.
  • Increases operator confidence in all the areas of the plate mounting process, thanks to the machine support in the most sensitive operation

Print width

  • From 900 to 2000
  • Other measures on request

Print development

  • From 280 to 1200
  • Other measures on request

HD cameras

Image Capturing System consisting of two high magnification HD cameras with a high resolution 27” HD monitor. Provides perfect visibility and easy registration of the register marks or micro-dots.

2 individual digital position indicators

Motorised plate mounting table

Ergonomically efficient and sturdy, the plate mounting table increases productivity whilst reducing the stress for the operators, allowing them to position all plates in register and avoiding contact with the adhesive tape.

Plate application roller

Full width plate application roller ensures an even application pressure; it guarantees a safe bond strength without distortions or air bubbles, for maximum standardization.

Taper slide - Tape applicator

Apply the double-sided mounting tape quickly and without wastes, air bubbles or stretching, preventing the formation of creases that can lead to image distortions and inconsistent print quality.

Option 4 or 6 cameras

Four / six HD cameras and two / three high resolution monitors, guarantee the maximum ease of use in the mounting of two or three bands side by side.

Taper slide - double-sided applicator

Apply the double-sided mounting tape quickly and without waste, preventing the formation of air bubbles, creases and stretching that can lead to image distortions and consequently poor print quality.

Plate cutting knife

A handy adjustable knife allows you to cut the edges of the mounted plate, to obtain perfect joints.

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