The CAMIS DMTS TWIN plate de mounting system, specifically designed for narrow web applications, allows you to safely control the removal of the plates, reducing the time and effort of the operator required to complete the operation. CAMIS DMTS TWIN reduces the possibility of damage to the plates ensuring their reusability, thus reducing costs and increasing the sustainability of flexo printing.

In order to optimize the workflow of the pre-press area, the system is equipped with the double-sided tape applicator TAPER SLIDE, giving you the chance to have sleeves ready for subsequent mounting.

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Printing width

  • 2 x 700mm or 1x 900mm
  • Other measures on request

Print development

  • From 260 to 1200
  • Other measures on request

Pneumatic pressure roller

Removes the plate without damage to the polymer and the polyester base, which can be found during removal operations carried out manually.

Slave roller

The secondary roller keeps the plate in the correct position avoiding creases, stretching and reducing the operator’s effort.

Adjustable sleeve supports

Equipped with three sleeve supports with adapter flanges. This solution makes easy and quick to adapt the machine to the different internal diameters of the sleeves.

Taper slide - Tape applicator

Apply the double-sided mounting tape quickly and without wastes, air bubbles or stretching, preventing the formation of creases that can lead to image distortions and inconsistent print quality.

Plate lifter

The adjustable device is equipped with a tool specifically designed to help in the initial phase of edge lifting of the plate.

Adjustable sleeve loading supports

To ensure maximum ergonomics and safety during sleeve loading operations, adjustable supports are available to help the operator during the handling of bulkier and heavier sleeves.

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