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 i montacliche' -
An overview on the wide web flexo plate mounters from SYS TEC.

 sti's converting site, systec flexo plate mounters and ...
SYS TEC CONVERTING produces plate mounters for flexo printing. SYS TEC offers the best flexo plate mounter and proofing equipments, and other ancillary equipments for flexographic printing, like: demounter, plate washer, sleeves storage, anilox cleaner. Based in Chiasso, Switzerland. Italiano: macchina montacliche. Espanol: montadora de cliche

 sleevemounter / platemounter n demounter n tape applicator ...
Wide Web n DEMOUNTER n TAPE APPLICATOR n TIR The Demounter is a machine designed to efficiently and without damage removing plates and tape from sleeves, requiring minimum force and preventing damage from removing such materials. The Tape Applicator is designed to apply perfectly aligned tape without air inclusions.

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 wide web - flexographic technical association
There’s a wide range of packaging types in the wide web category. Equally as wide as those packaging types is the range of concerns facing wide web printers, including one concern that is higher on their list than those entering the mid web, narrow web, combined corrugated, preprinted linerboard and envelope categories—unsupported substrates.

 wide web flexo press – setup operation
Investing in the flexographic press is the easy part. The hard part is to get the flexographic press up and running. How to get the press operational? In this article we will be discussing the main steps in setting up a wide web flexographic press. This includes: Job Verification, Print Deck Planning, Selecting the Anilox and Plate, Doctor Blade Setup, Ink pH and Viscosity Setup, Ensure ...

 flexoweb | flexo by omec s.n.c
La nostra conoscenza viene da lontano, da una storia fatta di tradizione, che continuiamo a sviluppare con passione guardando sempre al futuro: grazie a questo e all’esperienza maturata negli anni, FLEXO rappresenta la linea di calandre by Omec con una vasta gamma di macchine a 3 e 4 rulli indicate per lavorazioni di qualità su lamiere di piccoli e medi spessori, nelle più svariate ...

 wide web v.s narrow web flexo printing: which should i ...
Speed is another main difference between the two, wide web flexo press tends to run at speed above 300 meters/min, as for narrow web usually runs between 150 ~200 meters/min. The difference in press speed impacts the formulation of the inks being used. Web wide usually uses faster drying solvent when compared to narrow web.

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