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 varn enviroflex plate cleaner - flint group
Varn® Enviroflex Plate Cleaner is formulated to incorporate increased solvency with a blend of low swell specialised cleaning agents for the removal of dried down aqueous, solvent and UV inks and coatings from photopolymer printing plates. Varn® Enviroflex Plate Cleaner is suitable for use undiluted on flexographic plates.

 plate washing - flexo wash
We supply plate washing equipment in all sizes for all segments of the labels and flexo industries. The Flexo Wash plate washers come in many different models which each can be modified by combining the standard unit with one or more of the various options. Our range of models cover plate widths from 45 cm up to 180 cm.

 on-press flexo printing plate cleaning | corrusystems
JB KleenPlate 3.0 on-press flexo printing plate cleaning. JB KleenPlate 3.0 performs automatic cleaning of the flexo printing plate throughout the entire job. By ongoing cleaning, KleenPlate prevents the printing plate from filling with ink and avoids dot gain. And all this without interrupting your print job.

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 cleaning flexo plates – timing is everything | anderson ...
Washing flexo plates automatically reduces plate damage and offers superior performance in cleaning flexo plates. Manually cleaning plates may cause damage due to excessive scrubbing or soaking plates for an extended time to remove dried ink deposits.

 how to clean a flexo plate -
When the plate is witted with cleaner, the ink film will dissolve and becomes easier to remove with brush agitation. When cleaning Photopolymer Plates, wet the plate with cleaner solution and allow the plate to soak momentarily prior to brushing.

 flexographic plate mounting tapes | 3m
You need to deliver optimal, consistent and productive quality to customers. 3M helps by offering a wide range of flexo tapes. Choose the right tape density for your print job that will deliver reliable performance throughout the run, and adhesives that both reduce edge lift on press and help with plate and tape removal at demounting.

 flexo tools for adobe® photoshop® (pc/mac) - esko
DeskPack for Adobe® Photoshop® adds viewX for Flexo Print and Flexo Plate visualization, ink coverage visualization, etc. FlexoClean is included for efficient removal of scum dots. The automatic FlexoFix image filter dramatically reduces retouching work while delivering results on the Flexo press closer to the target.

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